Casting Calculator

Casting Calculator 3.00

Compute and convert metals and alloys

Casting Calculator is a useful software tool you can use for computing and converting precious metals and alloys into lost wax casting. It is easy to use.

You simply enter the weight of your jewelry in the metal category of your choice and it then gives out an accurate reading in simple and readable output text boxes.

Casting Calculator eliminates the need for adding machines, mathematics, traditional calculators or other devices for computing precious metal and alloys in lost wax casting value.

Results can also be saved and printed or used to create a database inventory record which may include records of date of purchase, date sold, price paid, who it was sold to and other personal notes.

Jewelry professionals, manufacturers, hobbyists, laymen and other people will find Casting Calculator ideal for their needs computing and converting precious metals and alloys such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, brass and wax.

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Casting Calculator


Casting Calculator 3.00

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